StratEdge Corporation


Over the past 10 years the popularity and demand for VSAT networks has increased dramatically. As industries as varied as financial, brokerage, oil exploration and even retailing find their computer networking needs expanding faster than hard wired infrastructure can supply, VSAT has become the natural choice.

VSAT provides high quality two-way, voice, data and video communications at speeds up to 64 kbps, and operating at microwave frequencies (5.5 GHz to 6.5 GHz and 14 GHz to 16 GHz). With this in mind, VSAT is the logical answer for networks needing to expand across large geographical areas, or, to link two or more outlets in different countries where the wired infrastructure may be incompatible.

As VSAT has become commercially popular the need to provide a high performance, yet cost effective microwave package became apparent. StratEdge engineers introduced a line of packages that met all the demands of microwave frequencies, created a more cost effective solution, and added leads to the package so it would be easy to attach to the circuit board. The StratEdge LPA family of microwave packages was born. Further enhancements to this design, converting it to a true surface mount package, resulted in the SMX series of packages.