Lid Attach

APPLICATION NOTE: Ceramic Cap Lid Attachment

StratEdge lids are provided with an attached epoxy preform. Store lids in a clean, dry environment. Lids have a shelf life of 6 months if stored at room temperature and a shelf life of 12 months if stored at +5°C or lower (refrigerated). Cap lids are installed as follows:

1. Preheat oven to 160-165°C.
2. Allow cap lids to warm to room temperature before proceeding.
3. Handle using tweezers or finger cots in a clean area to avoid contamination.
4. Position cover on the package and secure with a spring clip. Based upon the external perimeter of lids with .020" walls, for perimeter up to 1.4", use 1 lb. spring clip, and for perimeter up to 2.8", use 2 lb. spring clip.
5. Cure clamped parts for 2 hr.
6. Remove the assembly from the oven and remove the clips.

Cleaning of cap lids before assembly is not recommended!

For further assistance, contact Applications Engineering @ 858-569-5000, or by e-mail at

Package Assembly

APPLICATION NOTE: SE50 & SMK/SMX - Ceramic Cap Configuration

Wire/Ribbon Bonding and Test. StratEdge SE50 & SMK/SMX packages feature Nickel - Gold plated metallization, and are designed to match with a raised ceramic cap using an epoxy preform. Conventional wedge bonding is recommended for optimal chip performance, Packages can be attached to the next circuit level by surface mount procedures. Terminate unused RF I/Os to the base to minimize coupling.

Cleaning: Although all packages are thoroughly cleaned before shipment, if additional cleaning is desired, the recommended procedure is the use of a commercial organic degreaser followed by acetone and isopropyl alcohol.

Rework: If components need to be removed from the package, the package should not be heated above 400°C.

For further assistance, contact Applications Engineering @ 858-569-5000, or by e-mail at