Visit StratEdge at these events to see the latest packaging technology for high-temperature applications, including Si, GaAs, and GaN devices. StratEdge packages have been popular for their heat dissipating properties and high-reliability for over 20 years. With a continued emphasis on lowering power and pushing the capabilities of chips to deliver ever-higher frequencies, these packages are truly critical. Attending these shows enables us to work with engineers to build packages that enable proper functioning of their chips.

IEEE BiCMOS and Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuits and Technology Symposium (BCICTS)
November 3-6, 2019 - Nashville, TN, USA
Booth 10

IMAPS Device Packaging Conference
March 3-4, 2020 - Fountain Hills, AZ

APEC 2020
March 16-18, 2020 - New Orleans, LA
Booth 2157

GOMACTech 2020
March 17-18, 2020 - San Diego, CA
Booth 202

IEEE-IMS International Microwave Symposium
June 21-26, 2020 - Los Angeles, CA
Booth 1134