Microwave & RF Packages


StratEdge offers the industry’s deepest product line of microwave and mmwave packages. StratEdge packages are currently used in all applications requiring clean microwave RF performance including; aerospace, telecommunications, VSAT and other satellite communications, and high frequency test and measurement equipment.

StratEdge offers seven complete lines of microwave packages beginning with the SE50 and MC series introduced in the early 1990’s. The MC series is StratEdge’s most enduring product line. Designed for Hi-Rel applications operating from DC to 18 GHz, the MC packages have been used very successfully in numerous space and aerospace applications. There are over 200 standard configurations available in this series alone. Modifications are easily performed on standard outline packages including lead count and pitch, and enhanced base materials for insulating or high power applications.

StratEdge engineers developed the microstrip-imbedded microstrip-microstrip transition (StratEdge patented design) used to this day in the SE50 series. This transition helped the new package series, introduced in 1994 as the SEC, operate out to 35 GHz. Later improvements resulted in the SE50, operating to 63 GHz. Both the SEC and SE50 have been used successfully in numerous point-to-point/multipoint and digital radio systems.

The additional product lines shown below have been added as customer needs evolved over the last 20 years. Overall StratEdge offers customers packages in leaded and leadless drop-in formats, leaded and leadless surface mount formats, and specialty high power and high speed digital designs. In addition to the hundreds of standard package outlines available, StratEdge offers custom design services at a fraction of the cost of co-fired ceramic packaging. Please contact the factory for additional details. .

MC Series

Fully hermetic molded ceramic packages are widely used in high reliability applications for frequencies as high as 18 GHz. They are available in over 200 standard configurations.

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Ceramic QFNs

Ceramic QFNs packages are available in some of the most popular industry standard no-lead outlines. These are intended for use where standard plastic packages can not meet the reliability or performance requirements of a particular application.

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Leaded Laminate (LL) Series

The Leaded Laminate series incorporates several design and material improvements to provide unmatched performance for high power Gallium Nitride amplifiers. In development for over 15 years, this series allows the GaN devices to operate at minimal junction temperatures resulting in improved performance and reliability.

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The Leaded Power Amplifier series has been in production for GaAs power amplifiers for over 20 years. This proven design has been used in countless point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and VSAT applications.

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SE 50

The SE50 series is the industry’s lowest electrical loss design for compound semiconductors operating as high as 63 GHz.

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The SMK/SMX series is designed for surface mount requirements where excellent electrical characteristics are required for frequencies as high as 26 GHz. It is available in several standard outlines and can also be customized for specific die.

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High Speed Digital

Several custom high speed digital and mixed signal packages are available. Custom designs can also be provided for speeds in excess of 40 GB/s.

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